Riot announces an Arcane/Among Us collaboration, and details free stuff across its own games

Riot Games has announced some detail on Progress Days, the next part of the Riot X Arcane shenanigans going on around the launch of the publisher's first animated series. Arcane has proven something of a surprise package, with even non-LoL fans finding something to love. PCG's own Steven Messner thinks it's amazing.

Progress Days is a holiday that the show's town of Piltover celebrates, and the Progress Days event is basically a load of Arcane tie-ins across Riot's games—along with a surprise. There will be an Arcane/Among Us crossover, allowing players of that game to look like a Piltover enforcer (sus) or the character Heimerdinger. There's no other details on what else the collaboration will involve.

As well as this, we get a look at the already announced crossover with Fortnite (featuring Jinx) and the collab with PUBG Mobile: proper PUBG is not getting anything, so insert sadface here.

Progress Days is basically going to be running across Riot's slate for the next month: you can read a list of everything happening here. League of Legends players get a new thing called the Council Archives, where they can study more of Arcane’s story, and can unlock an Arcane Jayce outfit by winning a game (or playing three). Runeterra and Wild Rift also receive a bunch of Arcane-linked cosmetics, and expect another tranche to be announced next week.

Riot obviously wants you to watch Arcane but, thing is, you probably should.

Rich Stanton

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