Ring of Elysium's new season begins with a volcanic island map, submarines, and BMX bikes

Tencent's free to play battle royale game Ring of Elysium is kicking off its new season with a drastic change of scenery. The new map, Europa Island, moves the action from a freezing mountain resort to the lush tropics. Instead of a blizzard, players will be forced to flee choking ash from an active volcano, and in lieu of snowboards and snowmobiles they'll have BMX bikes and mini-submarines. Get a taste of the tropics from the trailer above.

Dynamic weather on Europa Island includes thunderstorms and typhoons, and along with the min-sub there will also be speedboats, dinghies, police cars, and the auto rickshaw known as a Tuk-Tuk. Players will have a choice of starting equipment, either a grappling hook, a glider, or the BMX bike listed above. The goal remains the same: pick a starting point, gear up, and battle other players on your way to the rescue chopper in the final safe zone. Don't forget your sunscreen.

You can read the full season two update notes here.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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