Rime release date set, price confirmed

First billed as a PlayStation-exclusive in 2013, Rime was "re-revealed" earlier this year and promised for PC. Grey Box, Six Foot and Tequila Works have now confirmed a release date and a price: May 26, £29.99/$29.99. 

Between its summer 2013 announcement and its re-reveal this year, information on what Rime was exactly about was few and far between. As Andy reported in January, Kotaku described early footage as "part Ico, part Wind Waker, part Journey, and 100 percent pretty damn awesome-looking." 

Assuming you're into whimsical characters solving puzzles in vibrant worlds, the IGN First trailer teased in January appeared to confirm that synopsis. 

Here's publisher Grey Box with the official word on what that up there is all about:   

"Rime is a single-player puzzle adventure game about discovery, experienced through the eyes of a young boy who awakens on a mysterious island after shipwrecking off its coast. Players must navigate the island’s secrets by making use of light, sound, perspective and even time. 

"Inspired by the rugged, sunbaked terrain of the Mediterranean coast, Rime paints its breathtaking world with a fusion of vibrant colours and moving musical undertones to set the stage for the deeply personal journey that awaits within."

Fancy that? Rime is due May 26. More information can be found on the game's site