Rift world war kicking off March 30


Rift's only been out for a month, but the first major world event is about to strike. Trion Worlds say that every zone will come come under worldwide attack next Wednesday March 30. The skies over Telara will open and every area will be swamped with the minions of Alsbeth the Discordant. The attack will last a week, and will give players the opportunity to grab some exclusive loot, including a spectral horse mount. Once the attack is beaten, these items will disappear forever.

The invaders will mostly consist of undead fiends, including liches, ettins, and horrible insectoid gravemaker creatures. Beating back the interdimensional invasion will earn your character plenty of awards, the best of which will let you travel the world in style on new mounts, or let you give your character an undead appearance.

Successfully fighting off enough invasions will grant players access to the River of Souls, a 20 man raid instance guarded by Alsbeth the Discordant. Defeating the evil responsible for the invasion will drop the finest loot. Once the week long even comes to an end, all of these rewards will vanish into the void. You may want to start stockpiling health potions now.

If you're thinking about jumping into Rift, have a read of our Rift review , and check out the official Rift site. If you're looking for some fellows to fight with, why not join the PC Gamer guild ? Swing by the forums and say hello.

Tom Senior

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