Rift update 2.4 looks set to bring new wars, weapons, and slick hairstyles to Telara

Chaos is coming to the elemental planes. Rift's next update, version 2.4 Beyond Infinity , will bring new conflicts, strange environments, and yes, new hairstyles to the free-to-play MMORPG, according to a press release from developer Trion Worlds.

Most of the announced content for update 2.4 points to a new and colorful cast of characters for Rift's Telara game universe. An especially intriguing new area is a place called the Planebreaker Bastion, where a "doomsday automaton" is being pieced together under the direction of an unpleasant-sounding individual named Inyr'Kta. Mystical foundries forging giant robotic creatures to conquer the world? Yes, please.

The Planebreaker Bastion looks to be one of several new spaces to explore, along with The Infinity Gate, the Realm of Twisted Dreams, and an alternate Telara called Infernal Dawn: Laethys, where an evil dragon is planning an invasion. Rift, which went free-to-play back in June, will also be including new PvP rank 90 armor and weapons, as well as a new batch of hairstyles to choose from in the game's barbershop.

The update is still officially "coming soon," but Massively has reported , by way of a German-language Rift forum, that parts of the update, such as the PvP rank increase, may drop as soon as September 18.

Hat tip, VG24/7 .