Rift to launch in March, preorders now available


The intriguing fantasy MMO, Rift, is edging closer to completion. The game has recently been running a few closed beta weekends, and now has a release date. The game will be out on March 1st in North America, and March 4th in Europe. Pre-orders are already available. Purchasing the game ahead of release will give you an in game pet, access to all betas before release and a week long head start on players buying on release day.

Pre-orders can now be bought from the official Rift site , and come in two flavours. The standard edition (£39.99/$49.99) grants players extra game time, full beta access and entry to the head start period that kicks off on February 24th. The package also comes with one of three in game pets and a stat-buffing runestone.

The collector's edition (£39.99/$59.99) includes all of the bonuses that the standard edition does, but also offers increased in game storage, a two headed turtle mount and an exclusive Bogling Wastrel pet. Players pre-ordering the game, or buying after the first two weeks of release will have access to discounted 'Founder's subscription' rates. Head over to the Rift subscriptions page for more details.

Rift's most unusual features include randomly appearing portals that spew legions of enemies into the world, and a class system that lets players combine three disciplines into unique builds and then switch between them at will. For more information on the game, check out the Rift website , or take a look at the latest trailer, embedded below.

Tom Senior

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