Rift kicks off six week holiday celebration, Fae Yule


The holidays are a perfect time for family, food, and ignoring both while you experience the exciting events in your favorite MMOs. For Telarans, Rift is launching their six week event, Fae Yule, today. As an Ascended, you will have to fight off Crucia, the Dragon of Air, as she tries to enslave the Fae and bring an end all the festivities. Dragons are cool, but no one messes with Telaran holiday cheer!

The event boasts some sweet prizes like Yule-themed gear and a new jolly-corgi companion. Not enough for you gift-hungry savages? Well we hear there is also a new mount and other festive items to be earned during the celebration.

The cheer begins with three days of subscriber bonuses, including increased experience, Plaques of Achievement, PvP Favor and Prestige, and Planarite. All in all, it's shaping up to be a excellent time to warm your feet by your cpu's and beat the tar out of some holiday scrooges.