Rift gets 'biggest patch since launch'

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Rift has launched it's 1.6 update, described as 'the biggest patch to hit Rift since launch'. The update is called 'From the Embers' and adds an enormous new zone called the Ember Isle, twice the zone of the the game's previous biggest zone and packed full of new content.

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The update includes:

  • The Ember Isle was once the home of Rift's Kelari Elves, and has only recently been rediscovered. A volcanic Island full of ruined, ancient cities. It's designed for level 50 players and features new monsters, colossi and zone events.
  • New Raid - The ten player raid 'Rise of the Phoenix can be found in Stonefield
  • New Warfront Mode - Black Garden now includes the 'Stockpile' mode.
  • A second tier of 'Planar Attunement', Rift's post level cap advancement system.

More details can be found at the Rift site.