Ride to Hell: Retribution releases today, but the trailer still hides the gameplay

Ride to Hell: Retribution , the 1960s motorcycle gang adventure game, hasn't gotten much publicity recently, even though the game is out today. We saw a trailer a couple of months ago that was underwhelming, and since then it's been radio silence. With the dawn of release day, though, comes a launch trailer that still doesn't show a single second of actual gameplay. Hmm.

Not showing gameplay in advance is sort of a tip-off, in this hyperconnected world, that you don't have any gameplay worth showing. With that in mind, I invite you to ignore the launch trailer and instead watch one of the first Let's Play videos showing the actual game. It isn't pretty.

In just a few minutes, we get a choice look at random jumps to cutscene, wooden voice acting, what looks like a very poor PC port with no display or control options, rough graphics and repetitive and simplistic gameplay. Ouch. No wonder Deep Silver didn't spread this around.

The official trailer does have nice music, though, I'll give it that. I'm not sure why anyone would want to watch that for 90 seconds when they could just watch Sons of Anarchy for six seasons. I hope this is a warning to game publishers: if you don't show gameplay on release day, the internet will go ahead and do it for you.

Ride to Hell Retribution is available today on Steam . Look for a review from us in the near future.