Rico fights a tornado in a new Just Cause 4 trailer

Just Cause 4 revels in action movie cliches, but the latest trailer for Rico’s next outing takes it to a new level. For two minutes, it unloads a messy spray of brilliantly bad one-liners and increasingly ridiculous action sequences. And then Rico fights a storm. Watch the spectacle above. 

There are few things I find as cathartic as blowing tyrannical dictatorships to smithereens, so I guess it’s a good thing that Just Cause is up to its old tricks. But this time the weather is really, really bad and, as Samuel discovered in his Just Cause 4 preview, you can also make tanks fly. 

When Rico gets sucked into a tornado, the grappling hook will be his lifeline, letting him latch onto vehicles and hopefully escape. That’s not the only kind of foul weather, and different kinds of weather naturally affect the world in different ways. Sandstorms, lightning, and blizzards will all try to ruin Rico’s day.

"We're all about discovering new things in the environment, whether it is discovering new objects you can destroy, or new ways you can destroy those objects," systems designer Maria St Martin told us at Gamescom. "With the fuel tank, for example, it behaves differently if you're in a tornado—it starts rotating—or if you're in a thunderstorm, it's going to behave differently because the wind is different as well.” 

Just Cause 4 is due out on December 4. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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