Rick Sanchez is coming 'very soon' to MultiVersus

Rick Sanchez, the abusive alcoholic mega-genius who forms the trouble-causing half of Adult Swim's animated duo Rick and Morty, will very soon be taking his place in Warner's cartoon fighting game MultiVersus.

We already knew Rick was coming thanks to a July confirmation, not to mention the fact that his grandson Morty is already in the game, having been added in August. Mr. Meeseeks, a bizarre, short-lived vessel of chaos who's made numerous appearances on the show (and turns up briefly in today's teaser), is also in the game as a throwable item.

Rick will be a "mage/ranged" character according to his character bio, which would seem to be a good fit: Rick isn't the most physical character ever (he's a substance-abusing grandfather, remember), but he always has an assortment of weird weaponry at his fingertips when he's off on an adventure. The style also matches up well with Rick's trickster character archetype—the other mage/ranged characters in MultiVersus are Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry—and makes an interesting counterpoint to Morty's character, who like Batman, Taz, and Lebron James, is a bruiser.

An arrival date for Rick hasn't been announced, but MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh said on Twitter that he's coming "very soon." While you wait for that to happen, you can get the lowdown on all of the current MultiVersus characters courtesy of our handy (and very thorough) tier list.

Andy Chalk

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