Rick and Morty, LeBron James will join MultiVersus soon

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One week into its existence, MultiVersus is already getting head-spinningly meta.

LeBron James, the basketball star who starred in a movie last year about being put inside a videogame, is being put inside a videogame. He'll join MultiVersus on July 26 as a new bruiser category character, clad in his Tune Squad jersey from Space Jam 2 (with an alternate, unlockable cowboy outfit). LeBron's moveset seems to revolve around a basketball projectile that gives him some range. We also see him literally dunking on opponents in a promotional video released by the developer today as part of San Diego Comic-Con.

LeBron will be joined shortly after by Rick & Morty, who like Tom & Jerry will apparently play as a unified duo. We haven't seen footage of Rick & Morty yet, but certainly they're as at-home in MultiVersus as any character, given their escapades across different dimensions in the show. I'd expect various sci-fi gadgetry, like Rick's Portal Gun, to be part of the moveset. Mr. Meeseeks is already a throwable item in the game. Rick & Morty will join at the beginning of Season 1 (MultiVersus is currently in "Preseason" until August 8). Season 1 will begin on August 9.

Rick & Morty's inclusion was expected following extensive MultiVersus leaks last year that have proven accurate so far. The leaks even noted at the time that LeBron James could be one of the first characters added to the game. Among that list of expected roster additions is Mad Max, Gandalf, Johnny Bravo, Daenerys, The Hound (both from Game of Thrones), Godzilla, Fred Flintstone, Marvin the Martian, and more. Twitter and TikTok posts that showed some of this unreleased material have since been deleted, but one showed an expected Pickle Rick alternate skin.

It'll be interesting to see how these characters fit into the initial MultiVersus tier lists, most of which has bruisers like Taz, Batman, and Jake the Dog at the top.

MultiVersus is currently in a self-described "open beta" although it remains available for purchase on Steam at $40, $60, or $100 tiers. A free tier will be available on the 26th, coinciding with the release of LeBron.

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