Return to Zork and Space Rangers 2 now available on GOG, Apogee sale this weekend

Space Rangers 2

Classic adventure game Return to Zork and the genre-defying Space Rangers 2 are now available on Good Old Games. There's also a sale planned this weekend on all Apogee titles, including Duke Nukem 3D.

Return to Zork took the classic text adventure series and turned it into something closer to what we'd call an adventure game today. It mixes live action FMV characters with animated backgrounds to create a surreal and undeniably old school adventure. Space Rangers 2 is more unconventional. It's a mega-hybrid of a dozen different genres, from RTS, to third person to shooter, to 4x style economy management and exploration. If you've never played it before, it's a one-of-a-kind mash up of ideas that should never work, but somehow does. It's available now for $9.99 on GOG. Now's your chance to check it out.

This weekend GOG are throwing a big sale, with up to 50% off all Apogee titles, including the classic Duke Nukem 3D. Keep an eye on Good Old Games this weekend for more offers.

Tom Senior

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