Retro horror spookfest EEK3 returns this Friday

A bleeding skull in a hat
(Image credit: Haunted PS1)

Geoff Keighley might control the slew of summer games showcases at this point. But October firmly belongs to indie horror developers, with a frightful stream of retro spooks set to surface this Friday as part of the Haunted PS1's EEK3 showcase.

Following last summer's horror-drenched alternative to E3, the organisers have this year chosen a more suitably spooky October show this time around. Haunted PS1, for those unfamiliar, is largely responsible for the recent flood of crunchy, lo-fi horror games on Itch and Steam, highlighting some of the best in a series of incredible throwback demo disks.

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While the full lineup hasn't been revealed, some developers have already teased their inclusion. OKSoft will be showcasing Coffin Mall, a game about escaping a homicidal car in a dead shopping center, while surrealist RPG An Outcry will also be making an appearance. 

Last year's show was packed with bangers, and while horror is a visible theme, not every game needs to feature outright scares. Agony of a Dying MMO captured the unease of exploring an online world in its twilight hours, while Cellular Harvest was a gorgeous (and quietly grim) sci-fi take on Pokémon snap. I'm personally hoping for more pleasant surprises like Lorn's Lure, a dread-filled pit that secretly houses some of the best first-person platforming around.

EEK3 will be live on Twitch this Friday, October 8.

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