Results are in for the Australian PC Awards 2020 Gold Award

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Results for the 2020 Australian PC Awards (opens in new tab) were announced last week, with winners announced in 33 categories ranging best gaming laptop through to best premium motherboard. The results are laid out in great detail over here (opens in new tab).

One of those categories was the Gold Award, which is voted on by readers of TechRadar, PC Gamer, APC, TechLife and PC PowerPlay. This category celebrates the overall best company of 2020 in the PC hardware space, and this year Asus was the victor (opens in new tab).

But the Taiwanese company didn't win by a landslide: AMD trailed closely behind, followed by 2019 Gold Award winner Corsair (AMD won the Excellence category (opens in new tab), so it didn't walk away empty handed. 

As for those Gold Award votes, voters were asked to tell us what they were most looking forward to in the PC space during 2020. M Legiman was the winner with the entry: Zen 3 would take the LEAD, delivering CPUs that are best of BREED, uniting PC gamers far and WIDE, overcoming social distancing with great STRIDE! Five points for relevance.

Check out results for the 2020 Australian PC Awards here (opens in new tab).

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