How to solve the Resident Evil Village piano puzzle

Resident Evil Village piano puzzle
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Stuck on the Resident Evil Village piano puzzle? If you've been exploring Castle Dimitrescu you may have come across a beautiful grand piano with some sheet music resting on top. The instrument is just asking to be played, and you're the one for the job.

This Resident Evil 8 puzzle only takes a few moments to complete, but it's worth taking it on as soon as you find the piano. There's a special item tucked inside that is very important. Here's how to solve the Resident Evil Village piano puzzle, and get the reward locked inside. 

Resident Evil Village piano puzzle solution 

You can find the piano in the Opera Hall in Dimitrescu Castle on 1F. If you're struggling to find this area, head out to the Courtyard (exiting via the Dining Room) and walk up the stairs on the left to get here. After completing the puzzle, it's worth combing the rest of the area, including upstairs to explore other rooms and find useful resources and items.

Resident Evil 8's piano puzzle is quite straightforward once you find the first note. There are ten notes to play in total, but they're all contained in one section of the piano to keep things nice and simple. All you need to do is use the A and D keys to move up and down the white keys on the piano. To save you time, I've labelled the image above to help you play the song and unlock the reward.

Thankfully, you won't have to restart this puzzle from scratch if you make a mistake. Hitting a duff note won't reset your progress. The notes will also turn red on the sheet once you've hit the correct ones, so you'll know when it's time to move on. Once you've played all ten notes the piano will continue playing the song for a few moments before presenting you with a reward.

(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Village piano puzzle reward

The reward for completing the piano puzzle is the Iron Insignia Key. This item is incredibly valuable, and you'll be using it throughout the rest of your playthrough. Keep your eyes peeled for gates with the symbol that matches the top of the key as you continue exploring Dimitrescu Castle. Don't forget to scour the village and later areas too, as this key will come in handy for finding treasures and items. Every gate/door that requires the Iron Insignia key will be clearly marked on the map, so they're super easy to find.   

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