Resident Evil 7's Not A Hero and End of Zoe DLC out today

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard's Not A Hero DLC was originally due in the first half of the year before being delayed, instead landing alongside its Gold Edition and End of Zoe DLC. All three are out today, with developer Capcom marking the occasion with a Joe Baker-starring trailer. 

And he's good with his fists, it seems, as he lays flat whichever Molded zombie-likes and/or Umbrella soldiers that stand in his way. Observe: 

Owners of the Resident 7 base game stand to get Not A Hero free-of-charge, Capcom reminds us in a blog post, while End of Zoe comes in at £11.99/$14.99 as a separate download. Season pass owners receive both, as do those who opt for the game's Gold Edition—which also comes with the previously released Banned Footage portions of additional content. 

As for what each new slice of DLC entails, End of Zoe sees players following up on Zoe Baker's unfortunate story alongside the "mysterious outdoorsman" Joe Baker, as featured above. Not A Hero, on the other hand, stars series veteran Chris Redfield who enters the fold in the immediate aftermath of the base game's Ethan Winters' tale.

Action-heavy, Chris "takes on this new challenge fully equipped with new weapons and tools designed to counter bio organic threats," in his latest outing, adds Capcom's blog post. "Encounters with deadly foes lurk around every corner—including a brand new type of enemy."

More information on all of the above can be gleaned from the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Steam page. I liked this minute-long short with game director Koshi Nakanishi about redesigning Chris Redfield this time round: