Resident Evil 7 trailer teases new character, setting, stalker

Resident Evil’s pre-planned “full scale offensive” continues with the release of the upcoming seventh main series entry’s latest ‘Lantern’ trailer. 

Those of you who’ve sampled the secret-laden, and currently PS4-exclusive demo, probably now know that particular segment won’t feature in the final game. While it’s unclear if the latest footage will or won’t, it nevertheless follows an as-yet unseen female protagonist as she scrambles around a similarly dilapidated house all the while being stalked by strange old woman carrying a lantern (who I think might be Marguerite Baker).

Much like the demo—which James got to grips with at E3—play unfolds in first-person view via a handheld video recording, and the star of this showing is filming with the hope of connecting with someone named Ethan. 

“Ethan, if you find this I know I can’t expect anything from you. There’s so much that you need to know,” she says before the old lady-cum-stalker first appears, interrupting her train of thought. “I can’t let her catch me again.” 

And then this happens:

Yikes. But, um, what does it all mean? Let us know your takes in the comments below.  

Resident Evil 7 is due January 24.