Resident Evil 7 shows off ten minutes of actual in-game footage

Resident Evil 7 has put out its fair share of promotional material ahead of its January 24 launch, however developer Capcom has now teased some actual, tangible in-game footage beyond the slew of teaser trailers we've seen already.  

Split across three videos which run for around ten minutes in total, the following shorts showcase the first-person scarefest in motion wherein the player is stalked by various members of the deranged Baker family, and latterly some pretty hideous otherworldly Shadow creatures. There's a wee bit of gunplay in there too, some phone calls from mysterious suitors, and some typically Resi valve-operating puzzle work. 

Here's the first of the bunch, which demos an angry shovel-wielding Baker-ite smashing tables and bursting through walls—in similar fashion to Resident Evil 2's Tyrant T-00, aka Mr X:

Video number two is probably my favourite as it weighs a bit heavier on the exploration front, culminating in the player sloshing around in a flooded basement area and being picked on by the aforementioned zombie-likes.

The last of the trio shows the odd bit of puzzling but also has its share of creepy Baker family members and dilapidated house investigation.

If you prefer the written word, be sure to check out Tom Stone's thoughts on his recent hands-on time, and James' impressions of that early E3 teaser demo. As Mat reported last weekend, PC players are in line for the latest iteration of the demo on December 19.

Resident Evil 7 is due to launch on January 24, 2017.