Resident Evil 2 Remake Mr Raccoon location guide: how to find them all

Me looking for Mr Raccoon.

Here, we're going to talk you through the location of each of the Mr Raccoon statues in Resident Evil 2 Remake. No doubt you've heard them as you've been wandering around RE2's three main locations, making a sound like a wind-up toy. You might even have shot or knifed a couple yourself. But they can be extremely easy to miss, since there are 15 in total. Below we'll talk you through it. If Steam achievements are your thing, you'll get a Complete Vermin Extermination unlock for your trouble—a reference to a famously outrageous Albert Wesker monologue from Resident Evil 5.  

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Police Station, 1F, West Office

You'll find this Mr Raccoon early on in the game, on top of some boxes near the 'Welcome Leon' sign. This is the room where you solve the desk lock puzzle based on the initials of Leon's new colleagues—you'll run through it a bunch of times. 

Police Station, 1F, Break Room

It's not hard to find this Mr Raccoon in one of the game's save areas, particularly if you're picking through it for items anyway. He's behind a bag near the bunkbed by the sink. This is the first save room you access in Claire's campaign.

Police Station, 2F, outside the Chief's office

This Mr Raccoon is on a table by the stairs. You'll probably just come across this one by exploring. 

Police Station, Basement, Firing Range

Like all the rooms in the basement, the Firing Range is not a particularly nice or bright area to explore, but you will find a Mr Raccoon here. Look by the targets on the floor inside the range itself.

Incinerator Room, Sewers, playing as Ada

This is an easy one to miss, since you don't play as Ada for long. Mr Raccoon is next to a pillar and some traffic cones near the incinerator room's door. 

Police Station, 3F, Clock Tower

You don't spend long in the Clock Tower, so you might miss this one. There's an explorable area behind the Clock Tower—head through, and glance at a windowsill in this hallway to find yet another Mr Raccoon. 

Police Station, 2F, S.T.A.R.S office

While you're up here trying to figure out how to get the magnum or grenade launcher, search the south side of the room to find a Mr Raccoon on the desks. 

Sewer, near the alligator boss carcass 

After you've fought this beastie as Leon—which isn't too hard, since you basically just run away for most of it—you'll find this Mr Raccoon on the left on a ledge in the room where you end up.

Police Station, 1F, Entrance (as Claire)

You'll find this Mr Raccoon statue concealed in the bushes right near the start on Claire's campaign—around the area you activate the cutscene with Leon. 

Laboratory, Cafeteria 

This perpetually dark room is the location of another Mr Raccoon, perched on a table and near a television. 

Laboratory, nap room

This one's a little harder to find, because you'll need to bring the power back online first to open up the shutters. It's in the pod next to the one containing a dead body on the right as you enter. You'll need to get the signal modulator and backtrack to this area—but doing so yields a modulator for Leon's flamethrower, and a high voltage condenser for Claire's sparkshot, so you'll wanna do it anyway. 

Sewers, lower floor, near the Supplies Storage Room

Up the stairs that connect the Bottom Waterway and the Supplies Storage Room, Mr Raccoon can be found in the corner, obscured by a workbench. 

Bus, Raccoon City (as Claire)

When you're wandering through this bus in one of the exteriors in Claire's campaign, you'll want to get Mr Raccoon on the dashboard. 

Orphanage, Nursery (as Claire)

You'll find Mr Raccoon in the Nursery area of the Orphanage exclusive to Claire's campaign. He's hidden in a storage unit, that looks straight out of Ikea.

Police Station, 3F, East Storage Room (As Claire)

There's a smaller room inside this one that requires the Heart key to open—so you'll need to be playing as Claire to grab this one.

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