Where to repair IO equipment in Fortnite

Fortnite's IO equipment that's in need of repair
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For Fortnite week 13, you're being asked to repair IO equipment at two different IO bases on the battle royale map. Completing the challenge will net you a healthy 30,000 XP, and once you know where to look, it's as simple as any other treasure hunt quest.

What purpose does this serve for defeating the alien invasion that's been plaguing the Fortnite universe all season long? No idea, but we're apparently the Imagined Order's IT support, so we'd better fix these fancy secret agent computers up.

For this challenge, "repair IO equipment" is referring to the dual-screen monitors you see attached to a tall stand in the picture above. Like other item hunt quests, you'll notice them as faint blue outlines. All three are located on IO bases, so make sure you're prepared for a potential fight if an IO guard spots you. Thankfully, you only need to repair two pieces of IO equipment.

Read on for the full guide. 

Repair IO equipment locations

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The easiest two pieces of IO equipment to repair will be at the Stealthy Stronghold IO base and the base located east of Craggy Cliffs. A third base is located in the mountains southeast of Misty Meadows, but driving from one end of the map will prove difficult.

At Stealthy Stronghold, head to the large main building in the IO base. Enter through the door on the southern side of the building. Inside is just a short hallway with an entry gate and a desk. Behind the desk, you'll see the IO equipment standing against the wall, as seen below.

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Over at the IO base east of Craggy Cliffs, head to the larger main building (with two satellite dishes) and go to the north end of the ground floor. You'll see the same dual-monitor setup surrounded by larger orange screens and control stations.

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If you need a third option, at the IO base southeast of Misty Meadows, you'll find the IO equipment on the second floor.

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Once you've repaired two pieces of IO equipment, you'll have completed the challenge and earned your 30,000 XP. If you're like me and about 3/4ths done with your battle pass, this should be a real boon and earn you at least another level.

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