Remnant: From the Ashes trailer explores the gloomy wasteland

Remnant: From the Ashes, Gunfires Games' cooperative survival shooter, is set in a devastated world full of radiation and monstrous beasties, and in a new trailer we get a closer look at the aggressively unpleasant wasteland players will fight their way through in a couple of months.

"From the lonely desert dunes, to the dark canyon crevices, Rhom contains echoes of a once great civilisation," reads the trailer synopsis. "Whatever hospitality there once was in these cities has been reduced to a steel graveyard of the twisted and hollowed buildings, full of dangerous beings not of our world, but have gained an appreciation for the taste of our flesh."

Last week we got to see another trailer, revealing at the PC Gaming Show. Check it out below. 

In Evan's Remnant: From the Ashes preview, he said it sits somewhere in the middle of The Division 2 and Left 4 Dead, where three players have to band together to go on dungeon runs in a randomly-generated post-apocalyptic Earth, fight bosses and get better gear, but where collecting piles of loot isn't the focus. He also made a more unexpected comparison. 

"Taking together what's promised and what I played, the game that Remnant reminds me of the most is probably the top-down roguelike Enter the Gungeon. You're able to recognize some layouts and the tendencies of the spawning systems over time, but the way things are arranged feels shuffled and unpredictable from playthrough to playthrough, and the promise of deeply-buried secrets is a good carrot for that 83rd playthrough. Even if Remnant doesn't consider itself a looter shooter, it'll be subject to a lot of the same expectations around updates and longevity, but I think its emphasis on 'less is more' looting could attract a different audience."

Remnant: From the Ashes is due out on Steam on August 20. 

Fraser Brown
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