Remnant 2's about to make it way easier to unlock its sneakily hidden archetypes on your alts

An image of a drone from Remnant 2's world N'Erud, where you find the Engineer archetype.
(Image credit: Gunfire Games / Gearbox Publishing)

Remnant 2 players have it good, huh? A patch dropped earlier this week, fixing several issues its players were having with the game's economy, providing "more scrap overall" and nipping several other post-apocalyptic pain points in the bud.

Gunfire Games have taken on a strategy of receptiveness to feedback and open communication (sometimes a little too open, with Principal Designer Ben Cureton telling a complaining player that the game's hardest difficulty wasn't there to hand out orange slices and participation medals). 

More quality of life upgrades are coming, including some massive changes to the game's archetype system, as revealed by Cureton yesterday:

In case you haven't played Remnant 2—this is a huge deal. The wacky and weird routes to unlocking its secret archetypes include getting grabbed by a rat, vomiting and dying, and a datamining scavenger hunt that had an entire Discord dedicated to it named "The Cult of the Door". While they're fun to do once, I don't want to do any of them again.

Initially the game only gave a halfway solution to this problem. If you'd unlocked an archetype's "engram" (an item you can use to "equip" the class) you could then start as that archetype whenever you made a new character. Every other archetype, though? Tough luck. Go to the wastes of N'Erud and puke your guts up again for the privilege of turrets.

This change, however, will make it so you only ever have to do these quests once, then spend a little scrap to unlock them on alt characters. Combined with the fact that the game's respec item is now a one-time purchase, experimenting with builds in Remnant 2 is about to get a whole lot easier.

Personally, I think this is great. Remnant 2 lets you equip two archetypes at a time—combine this with weapon mods and mutators, rings with unique effects, and amulets, and you've got loads of builds to explore. Right now I'm rocking the Challenger and Medic archetype, creating a self-healing paladin. I wouldn't want to keep respeccing to change things up—and soon enough, I won't have to.

Harvey Randall
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