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Redout: Space Assault swaps racetracks for space battles

Redout is futuristic racing game inspired by the likes of Wipeout and F-Zero, but its sequel, revealed during E3, escapes the shackles of the racetrack and ventures into space for dogfights and tactical combat. Redout: Space Assault’s a bit different, then, but it’s still very fast. 

Set in a future where humanity is desperately trying to find a new home, players will pick a side in the conflict between the authoritative Colonization Fleet and a group of rebels, both of which presumably have rather different ideas about the future of the species. So instead of racing, expect to be flitting around space shooting things, as well as using your nimble Super Orbital Recon Fighter to take control of larger ships. 

That’s where it gets a bit tactical, developer 34BigThings says on the Steam page. You’re not just commanding a single ship. You’ll be able to use your upgradeable corvettes and fighter to cut off supply lines, take on enemy motherships, support and repair the fleet, escort cargo ships---whatever you need to do to win. 

Though there’s a single-player campaign, the focus is on multiplayer battles. It was “born as a multiplayer experience” says the developer. 

Redout: Space Assault is due out early next year. 

Fraser Brown
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