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Red Faction Guerrilla's lead tech designer reveals a smashing new destruction sandbox

One of the people behind Red Faction Guerrilla's endlessly delightful architectural carnage is bringing back his building-smashing expertise with the newly-announced Instruments of Destruction.

Announced earlier this week, Radiangames' latest is a vehicular destruction sim in the vein of games like Besiege. Build spectacular contraptions out of modular components, and then use them to absolutely ruin some poor fortified building. 

The joy here is that all that destruction plays out with the same kind of structural mayhem that made Guerrilla such a joy. And so it should, considering Radiangames was founded by Luke Schneider, who was the lead tech artist on Volition's Martian shed-smasher. 

In motion, Instruments of Destruction is beautiful. Most of the structures so far are built from simple concrete panels that shatter on impact, leaving mountains piles of dust and debris in their wake.

These machines look absolutely terrifying, too. The trailer starts us off with familiar construction vehicles, but quickly pivots into what I imagine you'd get if you asked JCB to make a Dark Souls boss—all sawblades and flailing limbs painted in sterile, workman yellow.

Instruments of Destruction plans to enter Steam Early Access by the end of the year. In that time, the developer hopes to bulk out the number of vehicle parts, levels and objectives, along with editors for creating new maps and structures.

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