Red Dead Online's boozy Moonshiners update is out now

Red Dead Redemption 2 players can start up their own moonshine business in Red Dead Online today. The latest Frontier Pursuit includes new properties, eventually letting you open your own speakeasy, along with missions, daily challenges and new gear. 

Moonshine entrepreneurs will help their mentor, Maggie Fike, across five story missions, and she'll help you set up your business, too. The missions will reward you with things that will improve your own moonshine operation, and you'll also be able to enhance it through other methods. 

Ultimately you want to make the strongest moonshine a human can stomach. The stronger the booze, the more you can sell it for. And the more experienced you are, the more potent your batches will be. To spice the drink up, you'll also be able to add new flavours from recipes unlocked through missions and by ranking up the role. 

Maggie's story missions will see you getting revenge on her rivals, but you'll get in fights with rival businesses, as well as intimidating saloon owners and other unsavoury stuff, during Bootlegger missions outside the story. Like some of the other businesses, once you've generated enough of your product, it needs to be transported to its final destination. Revenue agents set up roadblocks to inspect wagons, so the ride might get bumpy. 

As you wander around, you'll encounter new challenges, some of them role-specific, and new awards. You'll be able to buy yourself some bandoliers and corsets, too, as well as a new breed of horse, a saddle just for moonshiners and new weapons. If you shell out for the second Outlaw Pass, you also be able to unlock more clothing options, camping gear and emotes. 

The update comes with some quality of life improvements, too, including the ability to spawn in a player camp, a quick-swap ability for switching weapons when you're in a gunfight and sturdier horses. 

The Moonshiners update is out now. 


Fraser Brown
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