Red Dead Online will let you become a booze baron with your own speakeasy

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Red Dead Online's upcoming Frontier Pursuit will let you turn your outlaw into a booze baron, cooking up batches of moonshine and, eventually, operating your own speakeasy. This sounds a lot better than my current gig, transporting animal carcasses.

Traders will be able to get started in the bootlegging biz once they've reached rank 5 or completed a sell mission, at which point they'll be introduced to Maggie Fike, a veteran bootlegger who will give you a hand getting set up. She's also the source of the moonshiner job's story missions, where you'll help her get revenge on some rivals who wronged her. 

As a moonshiner, you'll need a shack to cook up your elixir, which you'll be able to purchase. You can't expect your patrons to lap up the same old stuff day after day, though, and to keep your moonshine fresh you'll need to improve the recipe and learn new techniques. Eventually you'll be able to ply people with your moonshine in your own customisable speakeasy, which you'll also be able to enhance with a band and dance floor. 

The new role will also give you more stuff to unlock, while more clothing options, larger wardrobes and the second Outlaw Pass will also appear alongside it. 

I'm looking forward to leaving the wildlife alone and making my money through more respectable methods, like causing cowboys to go blind. If you fancy becoming a moonshiner yourself, you can start your career on December 13.

Fraser Brown
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