Rebel Galaxy, the 'bikers in space' game, will be out in October

Rebel Galaxy

We spent some time with the open-world space combat game Rebel Galaxy last year, and while it still needed to be fleshed out quite a bit, our man came away duly impressed nonetheless. There was no release date at the time, but Travis Baldree, the co-founder of developer Double Damage Games, said he hoped it would be out sometime in 2015. And so it will be, as Double Damage announced today that Rebel Galaxy is coming out on October 20.

"We’re very happy to announce the launch date for Rebel Galaxy," Baldree said. "We’ve had more fun making this game than anything else we’ve ever done, and we’re excited—and a little nervous!—to see it out in the world."

Rebel Galaxy is a "swashbuckling space opera" that sets players off among the stars as a rogue, a hero, a merchant, or a privateer, to explore, fight, scavenge, mine, make friends, behave badly, and of course purchase and kit out an ever-more-powerful series of huge, heavily-armed spaceships. It's not a high-fidelity simulation—combat takes place entirely on a horizontal plane—but it does promise a lot of depth and detail for all the budding Mal Solos out there.

Rebel Galaxy will be available on Steam and GOG. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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