Realtime Worlds announce MyWorld

I'm about to show you a video, but first, let's have a moment of silence for the APB fans. Just, you know, bow your head or something.

Alright, here's Realtime Worlds' new game you can explore "early next year."

Looks cool! I sure hope they can keep those plans to give APB a major overhaul at the top of their agenda, though. There's a post on the MyWorld blog that more or less fails to answer that concern, but does broadly address the "are you crazy? You're announcing another game?" thing.

"Realtime Worlds was founded with the dream of someday delivering on the promise that Project: MyWorld represents. Along the way, separate teams were created to make Crackdown and APB with technologies developed on Project: MyWorld."

Ahhh, so APB was their little a side project. I see. Joking aside, it does look a little bit lovely.

[via Develop ]