Read up on everything in Cyberpunk 2077's E3 pamphlet

We learned a lot about Cyberpunk 2077 at E3. CD Projekt Red brought an impressive demo, showing off Cyberpunk's first-person shooting, dialogue, and sprawling, vibrant setting, Night City. The studio also brought some informative little pamphlets for attendees, and we snatched one up. It's short and small, but packed with interesting details about Night City. We've picked out some highlights, and you can view the whole pamphlet down below.  

  • Night City is split into six districts: the bustling City Center, an immigrant district called Watson, the ritzy district of Westbrook, the suburbs of Heywood, the gang-controlled district of Pacifica, and finally Santo Domingo, where most of the city's power plants and factories are located.  
  • Maelstrom, one of the top gangs in Watson district, is led by a man named Royce.  
  • Night City is built tall and emphasizes vertical exploration. You can also get around by car or motorcycle.  
  • You always play as V, but you can play as a man or woman of your own design. You can also create your own backstory. Offering a hint at Cyberpunk 2077's RPG elements, CD Projekt says "the character can become a Netrunner, Techie, or Solo—or a mix of all of them." 
  • 'Ripperdocs' like Doctor Victor, one of the characters from the demo, serve as both medical technicians and engineers who can patch up your fleshy bits or upgrade your augments as necessary.  
  • You'll also encounter 'Fixers' like Dexter Deshawn, a man with his hands in everything from assassinations to illegal trafficking routes.  

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Austin Wood
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