Re-Legion is a cyberpunk RTS about cults, published by team behind IL-2 Sturmovik

1C Company, owner of the combat flight sim franchise IL-2 Sturmovik, has announced a new cyberpunk RTS called Re-Legion (religion, geddit?), and the first batch of screenshots look impressive, with plenty of neon glare and a wide variety of objective types. 1C will publish the game, as it did with recent roguelike Deep Sky Derelicts, but hasn't yet announced who's developing it. 

The game will have both single and multiplayer modes. Here's 1C's blurb: "Played from a classic isometric, top-down view, the game takes players to the year 2083, where cults start to emerge as people seek their real purpose in a world dominated by huge corporations and advanced technology." It sounds pretty generic, but I like the look of the colourful screenshots, which you can see more of below.

Those screens also show that you'll have a wide variety of objectives to complete—it's not just a case of destroying your enemy's base. If you look in the top left of the pictures, you'll see things like "kill the heretic", "convert citizens and eliminate infidels", and "get to headquarters". On the right of the screen are the unit types, including your citizens, who presumably you'll have to protect and stop the other side from converting. 

The game is being shown off at PAX South this weekend, so expect some gameplay videos soon. Here are those screens I promised:

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Samuel Horti

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