Razer's Project Fiona is a tablet

Remember Razer teased us with its Project Fiona hardware last week? After literally days of waiting it's drawn back the curtain to reveal that Fiona is... a tablet .

Bet you didn't see that coming, did you? Or did you...?

Even if you did second guess Razer's plan, Fiona's still got enough about her to pique our interest. First up is the Core i7 processor. I suspect this is more likely to be the dual core Core i7 that features in ultrabooks than a fully fledged desktop quad, but even so it enough of a processor to make NVIDIA's ARM-based Tegra 3 look like a bit of a weakling.

The problem with Fiona is that the Core i7 appears to be all she has to offer - there's no separate graphics referenced in the proposed specs, which means that even though she can play PC games, she's not going to be up to a reasonably priced laptop's standard.

The quirkiness continues, however, with the controller. Rather than sticking a fold out keyboard underneath her rear - Fiona isn't that sort of girl - there's an integrated gamepad in the shape of two large handles sticking out from either side. On top of that, there's a built in gyro and accelerometer for motion based controls.

The screen is a 1280x800, 10.1inch multitouch display.

Presumably, given that the proposed release date is Q4 2012, Fiona will pack Windows 8 as an operating system - so general tablet performance should be OK. Razer has spoken of customisations specific to a gaming interface too.

Quite how she'll match up in terms of battery life is less clear.

The price is mooted to be 'below $1000', but I wouldn't get too worked up about that yet. Fiona's still at the concept stage, and we've yet to see anything like production hardware for Razer's other recent innovations, the Blade laptop and the Switchblade netbook.