Razer Blade gaming laptop prototypes stolen

Razer Blade

Razer recently announced that a pair of prototype Blades, the company's upcoming gaming laptop, were stolen in early November in a break-in that appears to have specifically targeted at the prototypes. Razer global marketing director Heathcliffe Hatcher told Kotaku that the thieves left most of the electronics in the office untouched, while the Blades vanished from different parts of the office.

Razer has made a public appeal on Facebook for the return of the laptops, an appeal that Razer told Kotaku was motivated by its need for the testing data from those prototypes. When they were stolen, they were connected to tracking equipment that was monitoring and an ongoing thermal test.

While Razer's offices were broken into, the thieves did not have to break into the secure lobby of office building where those offices are located. Hatcher told Kotaku that police are waiting to examine the lobby's security card records, although it seems a bit strange that they have not yet done so when the break-in occurred on November 5th.

In the meantime, Razer wants everyone to be on the lookout for the stolen Blades. It'll be the sexy, thin laptop with the glowing triad of snakes on the lid. Any tips about the theft should should be directed to cult [at] razerone [dot] com.