Razer's new silent office range could be great for streamers and gamers

Razer's Razer Pro Click Mini, Razer Pro Type Ultra, and Razer Pro Glide XXL
(Image credit: Razer)

Loud and proud champion of RBG peripherals, Razer is taking a hard turn with its new range designed for low profile office use. This set adds a mouse, keyboard, and mousepad that all focus on odd features like silence and comfort to the company’s Productivity range.

The Razer Pro Click Mini is a small, white, unassuming looking office mouse. I don’t even think it has lights in it. It has capacity for two AA batteries but can run off one, and can connect to three devices via Bluetooth, plus an extra one using the dongle. The Razer Pro Click Mini also boasts programmable buttons and other general features most gamers will be used to, most importantly it’s the muted switches, which you can listen to on the product site and do actually sound pretty good. It’s set to retail for $79,99 (£79.99, €89,99).

To match the mouse, Razer has gone with another solid white design for the Razer Pro Type Ultra keyboard. The white is a nice look, and the white backlighting on the keyboard does add a touch of office acceptable bling. Again, we have a focus on silence with Razer Yellow Mechanical Linear switches and comfort with a wrist rest which looks similar to the ones for its Blackwidow and Ornata range of keyboards. It can similarly pair via bluetooth or dongle to multiple devices, and the mouse and keyboard can use the same Razer Productivity Dongle potentially saving users a port. the Razer Pro Type Ultra wireless keyboard is priced at $159,99 (£159.99, €169,99).

Lastly, Razer announced its office styled mouse pad, the Razer Pro Glide XXL. This is a 940x419xz3mm light grey desk mat. The specs say it’s made from thick high-density rubber foam for comfort as well as a micro-weave cloth surface and nonslip rubber base, and it does look nice enough in the promo images. You’ll be able to grab one of these for $29,99 (£29.99, €34,99).

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The pitch for all these products is geared towards office workers, which makes sense given the remote shift many have felt during the pandemic. Quieter keyboards and mice are certainly a warm welcome during all Zoom meetings, but I’d also love to see them in more Twitch streams and YouTube videos. I have a few gaming friends on Discord I think could do with some muted switches. 

The range featuring the Razer Pro Click Mini, Razer Pro Type Ultra, and Razer Pro Glide XXL is available right now, apparently.

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