Razer's new hi-fi gaming speaker system produces good vibes

While most of Razer's booth was centered around its new 120Hz phone, my ears caught something across the booth: Nommo—Razer's new 2.1 audio system for gamers that promises high-fidelity sonics in-game and with music and movies.

The system features two 2-way satellites and a subwoofer that also acts as the main hub. The subwoofer has its base port on top, while the satellites have their bass-reflex ports on the rear. We hope Razer adds a mesh or something over the top of the sub to prevent small things from falling into the hole, which could damage the driver down below.

Razer's design is reminiscent of high-end boutique speaker designs and they don't disappoint in practice. Unfortunately, the CES show floor is practically the worst place to demo any audio product so I'll have to refrain from making any concrete judgements.

In true Razer fashion though, the Nommo's include Razer's Chroma RGB lighting. The lighting is a ring around the base of the satellites and can be controlled on your PC via Razer's Synapse software. The subwoofer has no RGB lighting, which I felt was a missed opportunity. In fact, if we're going RGB on speakers, there are several more places where lights could be added, but maybe that will come with the next revision.

Tuan Nguyen
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