Razer's new clothing line is made of 88% recycled plastics and 0% RGB

Razer's new clothing line is made of 88% recycled plastics and 0% RGB
Buy a shirt, and Razer says it will help get some of the plastic out of the ocean. (Image credit: Razer)

Razer is now making apparel with 88 percent recycled marine plastics. The clothing line is in part an effort to raise awareness of the eight million-plus tons of plastic that wind up in the ocean every year, which contributes to climate change and threatens our food supply because the plastic is swallowed by marine life. This isn't Razer's first foray into environmental issues: Back in October, Razer teamed up with Conservation International to save some of the world's forests by selling an adorable Sneki Snek plushie.

Razer is committed to funding the recovery of 1kg of marine plastic for every piece of clothing sold. The five-item clothing line will be a limited run with 1,337 pieces of each, meaning that if they sell out entirely, Razer will help clear more than 2,200 kgs of plastic out of our oceans. 

The design is based on the famous Japanese painting  The Great Wave, with loads of plastic garbage in the water to drive the point home. The collection includes a zip-up hoodie ($149.99), tee ($89.99), tank top ($69.99), shorts ($79.99) and cap ($49.99). Since the line is limited, it's not surprising that the clothing is on the pricier side. 

We like to joke about Razer's unusual nongaming products, but marketing stunts or not, the Singaporean company does seem keen on trying to keep our planet clean. It even announced that it was selling a reusable straw earlier this week for $20 as part of their 'Go Green with Razer' 10-year Sustainability Program. Because there are billions of straws in the ocean at any given time, switching to a reusable one is a good idea for anyone who can.

The Razer Kanagawa Wave apparel line will be available for sale on April 7, with sizes ranging from small to XXXL. Razer isn't taking preorders, but you can sign up (bottom of the page) and get notified via email once the line drops next week.

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