Razer's new pill-shaped Seiren Mini microphone is only $50

(Image credit: Razer)

Razer has today announced the new $50 Seiren Mini mic today at RazerCon, making the gaming microphone scene just that little bit more competitive. This single 14mm condenser USB microphone is looking to give streamers on a budget pro-grade audio without sending them into bankruptcy. 

Razer is touting its super cardioid pickup pattern and flatter frequency response, making your voice sound clearer and more accurately represented than its direct competitor, the Blue Snowball Ice. That should also put it on a good footing against the JLab Talk Go, another really good $50 microphone. 

Though this isn't the only comparison Razer made against Blue's microphones during our product briefing. One of the more interesting claims is the Seiren Mini's microphone quality is comparable to, if not, better than the the Blue Yeti Nano and Yeti mics. The Seiren Mini comes with a flatter frequency response curve designed to more accurately reflect your actual voice.

Those Blue Yeti mics are more feature-rich and are generally more than double the cost. And are much bigger too. This tiny pill-shaped mic sits just a little over six inches tall and weighs in at just under a pound, so it'll travel well and not take up too much space on your desk. 

'Clarity made compact' is the tagline, and it fits the Seiren Mini well.

In order to hit the $50 price point, and keep the audio quality high, Razer has chosen to do away with knobs, 3.5mm monitor connections, and even a mute button. 

Razer's aim is to make the Seiren Mini as easy a plug and play microphone as can be, one that's purely designed for entry-level content creators who are after better sound than they will get from their gaming headset options.

So, it will be interesting to hear how the Mini stacks when we eventually get our hands on one in the next couple of weeks. The Razer Seiren Mini goes on sale today for $49.99 at Razer.com  and comes in your choice of black, white, and pink. 

Jorge Jimenez
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