Razer releases a new modular mouse and ergonomic gaming keypad

Razer recently launched its first smartphone, a high-end Android device with a 120Hz display and 8GB of RAM, but it's not about to ditch its bread and butter—gaming peripherals. Lest there be any doubt, the company today announced a new Naga Trinity mouse and Tartarus V2 gaming keyboard.

Both products are customizable and suitable for a variety of game genres, though Razer highlights MOBA and MMO gamers as the target audience. Starting with the Tartarus V2, it is an ergonomic keypad with 32 fully programmable keys—that's seven more than its predecessor.

The Tartarus V2 is based on Razer's mecha-membrane design that attempts to leverage the soft cushioned touch of a membrane rubber dome with the tactile click of a mechanical switch. Each key is actuated at mid-height for an instantaneous response, Razer says.

On the side is an eight-way directional thumbpad that can be used for movement to add more commands, along with an three-way scroll wheel. Everything is programmable, and users can configure a second set of commands through Razer's Hypershift mode.

The Razer Tartarus V2 will be available in the fourth quarter for $80 (€90).

The Naga Trinity is the ninth iteration of Razer's Naga line. It is a modular rodent with three interchangeable side plates—users can select from the original 12-button thumb grid from the Razer Naga Chroma, the seven-button thumb wheel of the Razer Naga Hex V2, or a new two-button configuration for a minimalistic feel.

This latest version sports an improved 5G optical sensor capable of a true 16,000 dpi and 450 IPS. The mouse also has a 1,000Hz ultrapolling rate, a tilt-click scroll wheel, and Razer Chroma lighting support.

Like the new keypad, the Razer Naga Trinity will be available in the fourth quarter, for $100 (€120).

Paul Lilly

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