Razer announces a streaming headset that won't mess your hair up more than it already is

Streamers have more than just their video and audio quality to worry about. They're also typically appearing on camera while they stream, and that means hours of people staring directly at them. And surely a bulky headset pressing down on their heads all day will result in some damage to the hairstyles they labored over before going on camera. Right? Look, I'm a bald person, so I'm just guessing here.

To combat this 'problem', Razer has announced the Razer Ifrit, a "discreet headset for broadcasters who need more freedom on camera but require professional-quality sound via the adjustable condenser microphone." It's a wraparound headset with the selling point that you can wear it all day and it won't give you 'headset hair'. As you can see in the above video, professional wrestler Kenny Omega seems pleased (to tears) that the Ifrit doesn't muss up his mop.

According to the press release from Razer, the Ifrit features:

  • Pro-Grade Adjustable Condenser Mic - For true-to-life audio quality
  • Razer USB Audio Enhancer - For next-level, enhanced sound
  • Feature-Packed Discreet Design - For low-profile, powerful streaming
  • Ergonomic and Comfortable - For long-lasting, lightweight wear
  • Two 3.5mm Combo Jacks - For duo-streaming capability
  • Flat Frequency Response - For accurate audio reproduction
  • Named after a ruthless supernatural creature that avenges murders

Okay, that last bullet point wasn't in the press release, but it should have been. If, unlike myself, you're lucky enough to have a full head of hair, the Razer Ifrit is going for $100 at Razer's site.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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