Play Rainbow Six Siege for free again this weekend

Ubisoft is offering another free weekend for its wildly successful tactical FPS Rainbow Six Siege.

In a slightly unusual interpretation of the word “weekend”, Siege will be freely available to play from Thursday 16th of August, continuing through until Monday 20th. According to Ubisoft, this will offer full access to all maps, modes and operators.

On PC, the free weekend commences from 6pm, while console players will receive access to it earlier in the day. PC players can pre-load the game as early as tomorrow, however, enabling you to blast a hole in your evening plans as soon as the game becomes available to play.

The free weekend coincides with the first ever Rainbow Six Major championship in Paris, where sixteen teams will compete for a share of a prize pot worth $350,000. Starting on the 17th, the event will also reveal Operation Grim Sky, a new content update that will introduce two new pperators to the game.

The specifics regarding these operators are still under wraps, but Ubisoft has offered a broad sketch of the new characters. According to Ubisoft’s announcement of Grim Sky, the first is a “tough police officer” from the UK specialising in “mob behaviour and snatch-squad tactics”, while the second is an American attacking operator who “remains an enigma within Rainbow Six”. You know you’re black ops when your own team doesn’t know anything about you.

Grim Sky will also see the first reworking of a Siege map, as the Hereford Base gets a remodelling. A teaser trailer for the altered map is below. Full details of the update will be unveiled at the Paris event, assuming you’re not too busy playing Siege at the time of the reveal.