Rainbow Six Siege video highlights a new defender and her holograms

Ubisoft has pulled back the curtain ever so slightly on the new Rainbow Six Siege defender Alibi, one of two new Italian operators coming to the game in Operation Para Bellum. 

Alibi, real name Aria de Luca, was born in Libya and emigrated to Italy with her parents when she was three. After winning gold in two divisions in a European shooting competition, she was recruited by the Carabinieri, where she served with the Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale before earning a spot in the Gruppo Intervento Speciale. She then worked undercover for several years as part of an operation that brought down the Vinciguerra crime family. 

The update doesn't say anything about how Alibi will actually play, but the teaser video suggests she'll be able to deploy holographic decoys and will wield a Beretta Mx4 Storm carbine—which we (probably) already knew, thanks to previous leaks and analysis. 

Ubisoft also showed off the new Villa map coming in Operation Para Bellum over the weekend, and we'll no doubt be getting a tease of the second operator, the Pavarotti-with-a-gun guy bearing the on-the-nose codename Maestro, in the near future. The full reveal of Operation Para Bellum will be livestreamed on Twitch during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals, running May 19-20. 

Andy Chalk

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