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Rainbow Six Siege summer skins available, all players get two free packs

VIDEO: A closer look at the new items for IQ, Lesion, and Dokkaebi.

Ubisoft added 12 special summer skins to Rainbow Six Siege as part of a limited "Sunsplash Collection." Every player should see two packs waiting for them when they log into the game next. 

The skin can otherwise only be purchased with Siege's real-money currency, cannot be earned through the normal drop system, and are only available until July 17. This is the second such temporary cosmetic pack, following the Outbreak packs we saw earlier this year. 

Siege's art department continues to grapple with how irreverent they can be with themed cosmetics. There are a few truly ridiculous skins in the game—clown ballistic masks, Luchador headgear, bits of medieval armor flare... but mostly the look of Siege's cosmetics is restrained and tactical. Would this stuff be better if it was more cartoony, like Overwatch, or should Ubisoft keep it more sleek and serious? In any case, Dokkaebi's "Scuba Six" wetsuit is the standout for me.

As a Lesion main on defense, I'm happy to see him get any new cosmetic options but also disappointed that they double-down on his Cargo Shorts Dad persona, which I'm desperate to shed. 

The whole collection is 2700 R6 Credits, which translates to about $23, depending on how you purchase Siege's cash currency.

Evan Lahti
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