Rainbow Six Siege patch adds Kill Cam to Ranked, tweaks spawns and more

rainbow six siege shotgun header

Ubisoft has released notes for a brand new Rainbow Six Siege patch – and it ushers in some major changes. Set to roll out tomorrow (March 1), the patch introduces Kill Cams to the Ranked playlist. This might seem counterintuitive – Kill Cams can help the opposing team gather crucial intel on their enemy's placement – but Ubisoft says it's a necessary peacekeeping step.

"We are aware that there is a certain widespread sentiment that high level Ranked matches are often ruined by cheaters," reads the note. "We want to deter ‘witch hunting’ as much as possible. While there were legitimate design reasons to remove the Kill Cam from Ranked, we cannot compromise on the quality of our game experience. For this reason, we are enabling the Kill Cam on Ranked matches to remove this ‘hiding spot’ for cheaters. It will help the community as well as ourselves identify suspicious behaviors with a better level of certainty."

Other major changes include the addition of a report button on each player's profile, while custom games now support infinite overtime. More significantly, the attacking team's spawn points have been tweaked on most maps, in order to prevent the defence team sniping them in the opening seconds of a match.

There are also a range of smaller fixes: apparently the T-pose bug has been stamped out, and rare instances of weapons clipping through walls are reportedly fixed. Full details (with images!) on the spawn changes are among the lengthy patch notes, which you should check out if you're an active Siege player.

Shaun Prescott

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