Rainbow Six Siege 'leaks site' kicks off an Outbreak ARG

Ubisoft announced earlier this week that the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege year three will feature a new co-op event called Outbreak, headlined by a pair of new "biohazard specialists" who will be added to the operator lineup in the year's first season. That's not going to happen until early next year, though, so to pass some time it looks like Ubi is going to give us an ARG to play with. 

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Be aware that potential minor spoilers follow:

The "leaks" site (you'll need a Uplay account to get in) features five ripped-from-your-favorite-conspiracy theory "photographs" of things the public was never meant to see, and a message encouraging "Facters" to get ahead of the story before everything is buried. "Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is experiencing an outbreak and the Feds are a little too quick to send 'help', almost like they’ve been prepared," it says.

"Here’s what we know so far: Truth or Consequences is suffering an outbreak of an undetermined nature. The CDC is front and center, and the National Guard is rendering assistance, but all the pieces fell in place way too easily. This has false flag written all over it, but who’s the bad guy here. So give me what you got… let’s add to this database before someone Jimmy Hoffa’s all the evidence."

One of the photos, a transcript of a conversation between Blue Tag and Yellow Tag, hints at something a lot more serious than your typical seasonal flu outbreak.

"The parasite's bonding with the adrenal gland of the patients, supercharging it and improving their pain management," Yellow Tag reports. "It's lacing around the major bones and reinforcing everything from the clavicle to the ulna. If it wasn't for dulling their pain, this thing would kill the patients out of sheer torture. It's also tapping into the nervous system, nobody knows why yet."

I'm no CDC-approved epidemiologist, but that sure sounds bad to me. We'll keep you posted.

Andy Chalk

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