Radical Heights' second update adds scanner gadget that reveals enemy locations on your map

Radical Heights is, by the sound of the team's time with it, a fun battle royale game that's very rough around the edges, which means it'll take a lot of patches to get it up to standard. The second of those patches arrived this week, bringing with it a new gadget, improved character customisation, and BMXs that won't flip out every time you so much as bump over a curb.

The new gadget is a scanner that temporarily shows the location of enemies within a "large" radius on your minimap. The blips won't move around as your enemies do—it'll just display their last known location after you put the scanner away, but it'll be a good way to find out roughly what area they're in. One of the team's criticisms of the game was that rounds evolve too slowly, with a big lull in the middle, and being able to see where your enemies are should help address that by making firefights more likely.

The update also adds bike ramps for you to fling your BMX off, and complements that with changes to the way the bikes handle. You'll have more control of them when they're in the air, curbs and bumps won't spin your bike as much, and you'll be able to vary the height of bunny hops by tapping or holding down the jump button. The bikes—currently the game's only vehicles—have been more trouble than they're worth up to now, so it's a good thing that developer Boss Key is trying to make them less unpredictable. 

Players can expect new cosmetic items next time they log-in, including hairstyles and dance moves, and you can now rotate your character after changing their appearance to see just how groovy they look from every angle. Customisation has all been moved to one place, the Prize Room, to make it easier to understand.

Perhaps most importantly, the patch aims to address a long list of bugs and performance problems. Aiming down sights should cause less hitches, players should get higher fps across the board, and the server selection has been tweaked so that players can find games faster.

Lastly, Boss Key teased some of the changes that will arrive in future updates, including a new game show event during rounds, more sensitivity options and major new buildings on the map. You can read about them, along with all the other changes, in the full patch notes.

Samuel Horti

Samuel Horti is a long-time freelance writer for PC Gamer based in the UK, who loves RPGs and making long lists of games he'll never have time to play.