Radical Heights' first patch adds bike tricks and a much needed quick melee option

Radical Heights, Boss Key Productions' free-to-play battle royale game, is receiving its first patch. From the developer of Lawbreakers, the '80s-infused Radical Heights arrived in 'XTREME' Early Access just last week (the day after it was announced), and while we had a pretty good time playing, its feathered mullet was definitely a bit rough around the edges. Patch one, of presumably many, arrives today.

Let's begin with the BMX bikes, which have been made easier to ride. "They will spin out of control less when riding normally," the patch notes say, to which I have to ask: shouldn't they never spin out of control while riding normally? Why would anything, when ridden normally, spin out of control? Anyway, it's a major plus that bike handling is improved, and you'll also have control in the air to do totally tubular flips and spins. If you land on your head, you'll fall off the bike, which sounds both comical and painful.

Players will also be given a quick melee option, letting you punch cash registers for money without switching from weapons to fists, which is a major quality of life improvement and should speed the looting process up a bit. You'll also be able to dive through glass windows, something every hero should be able to do.

There's a new rifle as well, some cosmetics in the form of shades, and tweaks to the UI, inventory, sound effects, damage, and loot frequency, plus a host of bug fixes. You can peruse the full patch notes here.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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