Race The Sun sprints to Steam on December 9th

If you thought Race The Sun's marathon was over at last with the release of the procedural endless runner back in August, then you're dead wrong. I mean, have you tried racing the sun lately? It's really fast. And hot. And the slightest bit gassy. Unless you're a crewmember in Sunshine , it's probably best to leave it well enough alone. Flippfly haven't, and thanks to their meddling (and your begrudged approval on Steam Greenlight ), Race The Sun is finally coming to Steam. It will land on Valve's very own gas giant on December 9th.

Flippfly's Aaron San Filippo outlined the difficulties the team have faced in getting the game a) crowdfunded and b) greenlit in a blog post . Interestingly, San Filippo reveals that "we struggled to get upward movement [on Steam Greenlight] early on, but we continually listened to our community's feedback and kept improving the game". Even then, the path to being Greenlit was hardly a certain one - although the recent Not on Steam sale seemed to, ironically, push them over the edge.

Race The Sun's Steam version will feature achievements, cloud saving, trading cards, leaderboards, Steam Workship and Big Picture support. If you've already bought it from somewhere else, or you plan to buy it from somewhere other than Steam in the future, you'll be given a Steam key - which is nice.

Ta, Polygon .

Tom Sykes

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