Quantum Break is back on Steam and PC Game Pass

Quantum Break screenshot
(Image credit: Remedy)

Three weeks after disappearing without word or warning, Quantum Break is back on Steam and PC Game Pass.

Quantum Break was pulled from sale earlier this month as a result of licenses that apparently expired while they were in the process of being renewed. It's the sort of thing that happens from time to time—in fact, it happened to Quantum Break's predecessor Alan Wake in 2017, and more recently to the Project Cars games.

Fortunately, while expired licenses can sometimes cause older games to disappear forever (as was the case with Project Cars), Remedy told gamers that all was well, and Quantum Break would be back once things were sorted.

Today's the day. Remedy hasn't actually tweeted about Quantum Break's return yet, but Xbox Games Marketing Vice President Aaron Greenberg did. "Good news everyone, @QuantumBreak has officially returned to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass," Greenberg tweeted. "Thanks for your patience as team worked to get this addressed."

The PC Game Pass Twitter account got in on the action too:

The return of Quantum Break coincides with Remedy's Q1 business review, which also arrived today. The studio confirmed that Alan Wake 2, a sequel to Alan Wake, remains on track for release later this year, while Control 2 "has progressed well" and the multiplayer Control spinoff currently known as Codename Condor 'has continued its steady progress in the proof-of-concept stage."

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