Quake Remastered's second update adds a horde mode and new singleplayer levels

Quake remake
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Nightdive Studios' excellent remaster of Quake already contained a bonus episode from Wolfenstein reboot devs, MachineGames. The game's second major update, released today, adds even more new content from the Swedish studio.

The biggest addition is a full horde mode, a modern FPS staple where players try to last as long as possible against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Quake's iteration allows for one to four players, and includes a boss encounter every 3rd wave. The mode's initial challenge is to survive nine waves, but players have the option to continue for as long as they can. MachineGames has also added four new maps designed specifically for the game type.

It might seem blasphemous, tacking on a distinctly modern FPS trend to a timeless classic, but this seems like a match made in heaven. Quake's stellar, lightning-fast action really lends it to this arcade-style gametype, and I could definitely see myself tackling it with a few friends.

A screenshot of the updated, add-on version of "Honey" (Image credit: Bethesda)

The update also includes more singleplayer content: a pair of levels collectively called "Honey." This map pack was developed by MachineGames senior level designer Christian Grawert and initially released on Quaddicted way back in 2012. He's polished it up and revamped it as an official add-on for the Quake remaster.

Also present are a sampling of QoL fixes like crosshair customization and auto aim adjustment, as well as a collection of bug fixes:

  • Fixed Death Knight incorrectly referred to as Hell Knight in the main Quake campaign
  • Bots now chat less
  • Fixed cases where texture borders were visible around certain HUD elements
  • Fixed weapon firing immediately after respawning in multiplayer
  • Turning off Enable Microphone before connecting to online services now properly mutes the microphone
  • "First Controller" setting now works correctly (Microsoft Store version)
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