Quake Champions unveils cocky automaton Clutch as its latest combatant

So far, Quake Champions has introduced us to the stealthy assassin Nxy, the calamitous enemy-liquidising Scalebearer, the (returning) transhuman hoverboard-riding Anarki, and the rolling skating edgelord Slash. Now, developer id Software has unveiled Clutch—a cocksure robot who accompanies its kills with contemporary disses such as "rekt". 

The level of personalisation Quake Champions' characters have demonstrated in these shorts so far is likely a reflection of the enduring success of Overwatch, however Jessica Famularo assures us id's latest is Quake as we know it—having gone hands-on at PAX East earlier this year. 

Anyway, here's Clutch in action: 

And here's publisher Bethesda with the automaton's back story:

"Clutch spent most of its existence underground crushing rock and protecting his human overlords from falling rock as a mindless, nearly indestructible mining robot. After stumbling upon unexplored ruins with strange markings, it gained the power to escape and punish its masters—now it’s a woke AF killing machine.

"Rumbling through the Arenas, Clutch spreads the pain amongst foes, using its Barrier Active Ability to protect itself and allies in team modes and its Still Defense Passive to gain an advantage over other Champions. Clutch was built to deflect the toughest mining conditions and smash boulders. The Awakened Automaton is certainly capable of deflecting your rockets and smashing your dreams of becoming Champion."

As far as Clutch's stats are concerned, Bethesda says it'll kick-off with 150 starting health, 50 starting armour, and a speed rating of 320-360-400. Its Active Ability is 'Barrier', which can protect both Clutch and its allies; while its Passive is 'Still Defense', which lets Clutch gain 20 percent damage reduction both from the spot or on the move.

If any of that oils your motor, closed beta sign-ups for Quake Champions are still live and can be found in this direction.